High precision GNSS without limits has arrived!

Everyone can now achieve repeatable centimeter accuracy across all of North America via satellite or cellular data networks without lengthy initialization times or huge yearly access fees.

HPRTK operates the largest and most sophisticated infrastructure in the industry supporting all code or code & carrier based GPS/GNSS receivers with unique processing algorithms that remove effects of the ionosphere, troposphere, tectonic movement/distortions, antenna multi-path, and brand receiver biases.

HPRTK is used in real-time by:

Land Surveyors & Mappers for all above ground positioning tasks, including UAV – Only HPRTK has optimizations for all brands of receivers with unique mount points.

Heavy Equipment Contractors for blade grade control and equipment guidance – Only HPRTK provides 2Hz correctional data.

Automobile Manufacturers to compliment/improve autonomous vehicle operation in areas without visual roadway indicators – Only HPRTK offers seamless continent coverage with near instantaneous convergence.

Railroads to provide Positive Train Control and exact rail assignment to meet PTC requirements – Only HPTK offers an onboard system which combines our high accuracy corrections with INS and a complete system for automated rail mapping.

Military for enhanced positional requirements in testing and verification of emerging technologies and as a marquee method to detect GPS spoofing – Only HPRTK offers a 6 sigma IT infrastructure housed in a former cold-war data center.

Ski resorts for shaping and moving snow which extends the open season by weeks – Only HPRTK supports the ability to broadcast network corrections via narrow band UHF radios.

Offshore platform operators to position rigs and monitor their distortion and movement – Only HPRTK offers an onboard system which combines high accuracy corrections with additional onboard GNSS receivers to produce immediate platform dynamics and will sound an alarm when limits are exceeded.

Space and terrestrial weather forecasters as well as geodesists can use HPRTK to instantly detect earthquakes and other natural phenomenon such as tsunamis and volcanic eruptions through detailed measurements of the Ionosphere – Only HPRTK can separate, in high detail and real-time, the Tropospheric and Ionospheric densities needed for this growing research field.

Structural Engineers to monitor dams, buildings, bridges, and natural structures in real-time – Only HPRTK provides a complete onsite program which enhances our transmitting corrections to mm level accuracy and provides charts and actual alarms based on user defined criteria.

Farmers to steer tractors and harvesters to post process UAV collected data and to accurately map fields and obstructions.

Everyone who needs to improve the accuracy of their GPS/GNSS devices. Even iPhones / smartphones can have their accuracy improved to the 1 foot or even 1 cm level for positioning tasks (currently requires external smart antenna).



Verifying RTK and iPPP recorded data through a process called “Post Processing.” HPRTK stores its entire lifetime of GNSS infrastructure data (CORS and iPPP) at a 1 Hz rate supporting UAV and Aerial operations. Up to 5 Hz data can be requested in advance of any mission.

How can HPRTK do this when others can’t?


1. Standard RTK: Whether it be Single base, VRS, VBN, PRS, FKP, MAX, iMAX, or whatever flavor of RTK, it’s still RTK. RTK has the requirement of being limited to either a small geographical area or a bi-directional conversation with the base station infrastructure.

2. SBAS: Satellite Based Augmentation System techniques transmit accurate clock and orbit corrections for the GNSS Satellites but then fall short by then only transmitting approximate atmospheric models. This technique requires the individual rovers to take a very long time (3 to 20 minutes at best) to converge to an accurate position, if the rover is moving or in a challenging environment where loss of lock frequently occurs, convergence may never occur!

HPRTK fully supports all the traditional standard RTK methodologies for cellular data style bi-directional connections for 1 cm horizontal positioning. In addition for SBAS / broadcast, it adds detailed local Tropospheric and Ionospheric models allowing rovers to converge at the same rate they would under normal high residual conditions – typically 10 to 30 seconds with an outstanding 2 cm horizontal accuracy.

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